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Gold Price Per Gram Price per Dwt
10k 18.50 29.30
14k 26.10 40.30
18k 33.50 52.00
22k 41.50 64.50
24k 45.20 70.50
Before selling your gold, jewelry, diamond or watches, get educated about who you sell to. Alot of people selling their valuables, don't know what it's worth, that's how all these mail-in your gold websites make their money. You send them your valuables, even if they give you an appraised value of it. Nothing beats coming in person and seeing face to face who you are dealing with.

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At GB BUYERS, our website posts the price of gold as it varies by the day. That's what you would get paid for eighter your gold, platinum or silver.

SEE a lot of these buyers use the term scrap gold towards their advantage. By just telling you, just because it's tangled up, broken or worn out, missing an earing. It is considered scrap gold.

At GB BUYERS, we buy all your gold as jewlery that can be fixed and we will not melt your gold. We will resell it as jewlery after bringing it back to it's sellable condition. That's why we pay much more than the people that tell you your precious metals are scrap.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. WATCHES: If you have watches to sell, the longer you hold on to it the original price may go down. The newer models come out and consumers allways want whats new and hot on the market. But that doesn't mean your watch isn't worth what you paid for it. And it is allways better to have the original box and papers. On the other hand there are a lot of watches that go up in value for ex. Patek Philippe, Van Constantine, Piaget, some Rolexes and Cartiers.

Nobody does business the way we do. We have been in Business for over 22 years. Most buyers out there, would rather pay you the lowest price possible towards their benefits and not care if they see you again. But not at GB BUYERS! We pay you top dollar according to what it's worth. Because we would like to continue to do business with you again and make you a steady client.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. DIAMONDS: Always hold their value, infact they may go up in value depending on the type of stone you have.
We specialize in buying Diamonds in all sizes especially in large sizes. We have our own very lage selection in Diamonds, and plenty of very qualified buyers. So we guarantee that we will pay the most for your stones certified or not, big or small.
A lot of buyers out there try to pay the least as possible incase they get stuck with the stone if they have no buyers. As a matter of fact alot of these buyers come to us to unload there stones and gold because they know we have the clientel that would purchase the goods.

By coming to GB BUYERS you avoid the middle-man and get paid what you deserve!

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